Financial audits

Financial audits

Our main objective is to provide an independent audit opinion, with the purpose of guaranteeing reasonableness in the financial statements.

The audit service can go further and provide value by integrating the audit of financial statements with other quality professional services.

At BDO Nicaragua, we are continuosly concerned on aiding our clients and our people in achieving excellence. It is for them, that we use a combination of strong technical knowledge with high technologies for the development of our audits.

Our audit techniques integrate the phases of the audit process and contain tools for evaluation, analysis, documentation, administration, review, communication and presentation of audit risks, as well as electronic documentation of work papers and client bases.

Our technological auditing processes allow us to efficiently and effectively conduct work, and provide us with a fast and flexible file integration capability to handle most of the time any information in databases.

In this way we reduce our analysis costs, we add quality to work, satisfying the new professional requirements linked to internal control and to the withholding of risk situations.

Using technological processes, we can read, visualize, analyze, store, manage, collect samples or extract data from files originating from multiple sources from a mainframe or a PC, including printed reports. Additionally, we have technical consulting tools (IFRS, ISA, FAS, SAS, etc.) that allow our professionals to perform consistent, high-quality audits anywhere in the world.

This added value is a differentiator and is characterized by:

  • The performance of audits focused on minimizing business risks.
  • The evaluation of the integration of the systems and processes and the veracity of the key controls, issuing a report of improvement opportunities.

With the desire to add value to our clients, within the report of opportunities for improvements, we are adding a tool that modifies and renders benefits when identifying problems and all the causes that provoke it in a graphical way. This tool is known as the Fishbone diagram or CAUSE-EFFECT diagram).

The gain for our customers is to use it to analyze needs assessments deeper processes that are reflected in day to day basis as a fine efficient process.

This tool will be explained to them in case they request it so that they can through an enriching dialogue, consider the magnitude of it

  • A standardized audit methodology adapted to the needs of companies of different sizes and activities, with the objectives of efficiency and quality.
  • Oriented to evaluate the aspects of fiscal and regulatory compliance, when it exists.