M&A and Transaction Advisory

M&A and Transaction Advisory

Before diving into the depths, you must have a good diving equipment. At BDO Nicaragua, we help our clients ensure that their mergers and acquisitions strategy align with their business strategy and objectives. We help them determine the correct M&A structure to follow and identify and evaluate scenarios based on the strategic objectives and then make the decision to go out and look for prospective companies to buy or merge.

BDO Nicaragua actively participate in transactions such as strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions and sales or business demergers that could represent an opportunity for our clients. The team of professionals at BDO Nicaragua, have more than 20 years of experience rendering services related to Corporate Finance; where will give you the necessary support to maximize these opportunities by acquiring effectiveness in resources and higher yields.

Our service includes:

  • Strategy to sell, acquire or separate business
  • Financial, fiscal, legal, commercial, operational and / or technology due diligence
  • Carve-outs support
  • Price strategy and transaction taxes
  • M&A Post-Integration (PMI)

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